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We had done upto 200 + Running Events accross the india .

Ultrawarrior Rishikesh Edition Feb 2019(Total Number of Participant: 90)  

Ultrawarrior Nainital Edition May 2019(Total Number of Participant: 115)  

Ultrawarrior Chail Edition Aug 2019(Total Number of Participant: 110)  

Ultrawarrior Lansdown Edition Sep 2019(Total Number of Participant: 125)​

Lucknow Run 2nd Edition Virtual Run Nov 2020(Total Number of Participant: 3500 All across india)  

Ultrawarrior Nainital 2nd Edition Nov 2020(Total Number of Participant: 165)​

Circuit Lucknow Run Jan 2021(Total Number of Participant: 150)​

Lucknow Ride 100 KM, 50 KM 4th Apr 2021(Total Numbers of Participants: 200)

Lucknow Run 3rd Edition 31st Oct 2021(Total Numbers of Participants: 1000+)

Ultrawarrior Nainital 3rd Edition 19th Sep 2021(Total Numbers of Participants: 100+)

Ultrawarrior Kathgodam Hill Ultra 26th Dec 2021(Total Numbers of Participants: 70+)

Ultrawarrior Nainital 4th Edition 22nd May 2022(Total Numbers of Participants: 150+)

Ultrawarrior Nainital 5th Edition 21st May 2023 (Total Numbers of Participants: 150+)

Ultrawarrior Nainital 6th Edition 19th May 2024(Total Numbers of Participants: 200+)

Madutai Half marathon , Raipur 10 k run & Corporate events pan india.

Join us at 7:00 am on 23rd June 2024 as runners from across the country embark on a 21 KM journey through the pine covered forest roads of Mukteshwar to participate in the 1st edition of the Mukteshwar Half Marathon.

1st Timed Chip Run in Mukteshwar .

The race courses has flats, inclines and some downhills which makes it a tough nut to crack. But don't worry- there will be breathtaking views of the Himalayas, crowd support and really nice weather to help you get to the finish line of the Mukteshwar Half. This is how the race elevation looks like.

The people behind the race are avid runners themselves. The route has been carefully chosen and there will be water points stocked with the stuff that we know is good for you.

Race Categories.

1. Half Marathon: 21.097 kms, Entry Age: 17 years 

2. 10 km Speed Mountain Challenge 

3. Mukteshwar Dream Run: 5 kms, Entry Age: 10 years and above 

4 . 3 km Fun / walk 

Aid Stations

Aid stations will be every 3 kms and include both water and sports drink, and something to munch on.

1- The time limit for completing the Half Marathon is 4:30 hrs. Aid stations will close after that time.

2- 10 KM Cut Off time 2:00 hours .

Race Benefits:

All runners will receive a E- Certificate and T shirt . Only those runners who register and complete Half Marathon will get a medal. Post the race, every runner will be treated to a savoury and warm breakfast.

Bib Pick-up and Expo:

Bib Pick-up and Expo will be held Saturday, 22nd June 2024 at Bunk Chamber - Mukteshwar Near Ganga Chor mukteshwar Road. Please note that there is no policy of refund of registration fees.

Acclimatize -  

Running at altitude? Going beyond 6000 ft, one needs a day at least to acclimatize. High altitudes hit everyone regardless of the history – so acclimatization is important. 48 hours is ideal. At high altitudes, the body tends to use up more energy, so carb intake for 2-3 days more than usual. Don’t wait for hunger or thirst, do it more proactively.


 non-profit trust working to build the capacity of the social sector in India in partnership with Rungreen Foundation 1st Edition of the Mukteshwar Half Marathon in the beautiful town of Mukteshwar, Kumaon.

All proceeds from the race will go towards supporting a local school.

We are the part of Mukteshwar Ultra by ULTRA WARRIOR .


CALL @ 8112859985 

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Here are the available races for MUKTESHWAR HALF MARATHON
category-locationMukteshwar, Mukteshwar
12:00:00 AM
category-locationMukteshwar, Mukteshwar
12:00:00 AM
category-locationMukteshwar, Mukteshwar
11:25:00 AM
Half Marathon

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