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About Half Marathon Runs

What is Half Marathon?

A Half Marathon is a flagship running category for many popular running events. This 21.1km distance event sits right between 10k and a full marathon, which is 42.2km. This segment is where running becomes a serious sport for many. Being on foot, in motion, for more than an hour leads to many novel discoveries including but not limited to the resilience of one’s own mind and body. Discover Half Marathon Events in your city to discover yourself.

Running a half Marathon is a testament of strong will and endurance. It declares a full commitment of your spirit and indicates that your mind and body are capable of doing challenging things that you did not consider possible before.

A degree of conditioning is needed to finish the distance of a half marathon in a good time such as sub 1:30 hours or sub 2 hours. And this conditioning doesn't come without due training.

A proper and consistent training can enable cardiorespiratory fitness to endure running the distance. Here training and nutrition become serious areas of interest in improving fitness.


Why must you enroll into a Half Marathon?

As runners cross the finish line, completing the half marathon, they are often looked upon as inspiration by running enthusiasts. And the runners get an opportunity to gauge their performance and reorient their training.

A half marathon runner is not a stranger to the world of running, and prides in showing up at the start line time and again, faster, with a greater capacity to endure, resilient, with an aspiration to run a marathon.

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