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About Marathon Runs

What is Marathon?

0.01% percent of the world's population finish a marathon every year. Running 42km is a club of adventurous, and highly aspiring people who are a rare breed. The global average time for a marathon stands at around 4 hrs 21 mins, with men’s averaging at 4 hrs 13 mins, and women at 4 hrs 42 mins.

Marathon is a commitment of enduring an exceptional challenge, to push human potential to an exceptional limit. A long run like a marathon puts extraordinary demands on mind and body, it demands enduring running the distance in a way only a marathoner can get acquainted with (often with much reluctance). Finishing a marathon reflects a strong and unwavering commitment to training. It is a display of a disciplined approach to one’s fitness. It i's recommended to start training a minimum of 16 weeks prior to the race using a training plan that is scientific and periodised, considering your current fitness level. You could find such training programs on fitpage app linked below for your convenience.


Why must you enroll into a Marathon?

A Marathon is the next and natural challenge for runners who train regularly and have finished half marathons in the past. A mMarathon is an opportunity to further improve training and take your performance to the next level.

Marathon runners are stalwarts of the running community, and for many marathon runners the ‘world marathon majors’ are pilgrimages. Many runners spend a significant amount of their training time trying to improve their marathon time. For some, training and getting faster at a marathon becomes a lifetime journey, and for others, training while pushing the miles beyond a marathon becomes a quest, into running ultra marathons.

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