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About 5K Runs

What is 5K Run?

Running 5k is often the start line of a journey into running longer distances and many running events to come. A 5k run is an exciting adventure because it’s long enough to challenge anyone who has just started running, and short enough for anyone to start training and show up on the start line.

Many major running events in India have a 5-kilometer category as part of their races. But these 5000-meter runs are not only known to attract beginners, but also elites. The 5k category is also an extremely competitive space where human limits are tested to a great extent as with marathon (think of Eliud Kipchoge) or 100-meter sprint (think of Usain Bolt).

The 5km world record stands at a spectacular 12 minutes 35 seconds by Joshua Cheptegei who is a Ugandan long-distance runner. The national record stands at a proud 13 minutes 25 seconds by Avinash Mukund Sable who is an Indian track and field athlete.


Why must you enroll into a 5k Run?

The 5k run is the doorway into long-distance running. Running 5k qualifies as running long-distance, and training for the race has positive implications on your cardiorespiratory fitness. Enrolling into a 5k run is an effective way to commit to improving your endurance and heart fitness. Crossing the finish line comes with its own rewards.

Training for running 5k allows beginners to build a habit and likely instill an intention and confidence to run longer, and eye the 10k medal.

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